First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first blog and I already feel like a million dollar.hahaa kidding. I love poetry and I do try writing some. My poetry book is full and so I thought, oh well, why not start writing on a wall instead. Some are good others are average. Hope you like if not all most of them.



When I say something I mean it
I only say that which I can commit
Sometimes I say things to people unfit
Not everything is always a trick
I hate when I say something and it’s taken for a joke
That makes me want to choke
Doesn’t Matter cause I already spoke
I never say things to provoke
I say things that I know are for sure
It always leaves me assured
Them people don’t like what I say, they endure
Cause nothing I say is a rehearse
Just wanted to make everything clear.

Poetry~ our loveĀ 

Our love is made of steel
The kind that others deem ideal
The feeling is mutual we cannot conceal
When you are around I feel so unreal
It’s like am rolling on a wheel
The kind of feeling after a heavy meal
I tell the truth of what I feel
You say us together forever,I say it’s a deal
Whatever you do seems to amaze
That’s the truth, it’s not a praise
Am in love with all your ways
Some days I just wanna gaze
At your handsome face, that I give all A’s